A Backyard Pool is an economical solution that is fun for the entire family ALL Summer long.

BUT– with this decision comes serious safety considerations. Remember, its better to overcompensate when it comes to safety than to have a pool accident.

CHECK WITH YOUR TOWN FIRST! Each town has a set of requirements for a safe pool.

Pool Safety Tips

Do not encourage diving. In fact, keep your liner depth at a level that will not allow it! More accidents occur when diving is introduced, especially in above ground pools. Some insurance company’s will not cover diving boards, due to the number of accidents from this in an unsupervised backyard.

Teach your children, family and pool guests to swim. Keep an extra set of “swimmies”, life vests, tubes or floating devices on hand. Ask your guests about their swimming abilities. It is YOUR responsibility at YOUR HOME, regardless of the circumstances.

THIS ONE IS A “NO BRAINER”. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave your pool unattended during the day when someone else is home (and that means anyone, pets included). ONE SECOND can mean the difference between a life and death situation and the phone is the #1 killer.