Before You Buy Your Pool

Before You Buy Your Pool

• Call your town and determine their setback requirements from each property line, house, driveway and all around the proposed location. Then, find a copy of your site plan and determine just how much room you have.

• Is your yard fenced? EVERY yard should be fenced, and if this is not possible, fence your pool.

• If a round pool won’t fit, an oval pool is a good choice, but remember that oval pools cost more than round – more materials, greater price. Oval pools cost a bit more to install.

Oval Pools Come Two Ways with side braces and without side braces

All pools come in different compositions, but the main ones are:

Galvanized Steel

Most affordable and most popular. If resin coated, will last 10-15 years.


Most reliable but more expensive.Won’t rust, but may oxidize. Will last 12-25 years.


Usually coupled with a metal wall. Most expensive due to look. Resin frame will outlast steel and aluminum. Best looking pool based on your individual taste.